Thursday, April 12, 2007

Trdelnik = Tasty

Trdelnik is not actually the Czech translation for least as far as I know, in my extremely limited knowledge of the language! What I know the word to mean, however, is the name of these yummy dough spirals - also sometimes called Trdlo.

It's pretty interesting to see them made:
First, they roll a long bit of dough out like a Play-Dough snake, and then wrap it around and around the big metal cylinders that you can see in the background. They put two on each cylinder, which they then use as a big rolling pin to flatten them out.
Next, they're rolled in a sugar/vanilla/toffee/nut mixture, before being placed in that machine, which twirls them over an open flame until they are roasted a golden brown.
Then, out of the fire and back for one more dip in the sugar mix, then onto a napkin and steaming out to you!

I first encountered them a smaller market in the suburb where I was staying. Most of the people there were locals, not tourists, so I was interested to see what the line up was for - and this was my discovery! Goulash and dumplings are tasty too, but this was a delightfully sweet change of pace.

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Anonymous said...

trdelnik or trdlo is actually a slang term for 'muppet' or 'idiot'